Parkinson’s and Me Transcripts

The episodes below have been transcribed by an automated service. There are errors because of the limitations of the service to interpret audio to text. However, we have added this section for any listener that would prefer the podcast in a readable format.

Episode Seventeen: Picking Your Poison

Episode Sixteen: Who I Am Becoming

Episode Fifteen: Moving Forward

Episode Fourteen: Friendships That Change

Episode Thirteen: A Man With Parkinson’s

Episode Twelve: Parkinson’s and Faith

Episode Eleven: The Other Side

Episode Ten: Parkinson’s and Preserverence

Episode Nine: Hoping and Coping

Episode Six: Parkinson’s and Marriage

Episode Two: Why Grieve?

Episode One: Tribulation Road

Daniel returns to the podcast and shares the insight he gleamed with Bryan from taking his son on a trip to the western states of the U.S. The brothers discuss the negative effects that stress and rushing have on the effects of Parkinson's. For the episode, Daniel and Bryan cover how a mental disciple is at times the only defense to defend your emotional and mental state. It's so easy to grow anxious to where you can no longer function due to being so overwhelmed. A mental superpower is the ability to consistently practice mindfulness. Improving how we choose to perceive the world is a skill. Like any skill, the more you practice the better you get at it. The more consistent you practice the better chance mindfulness becomes habit-forming. The practice of mindfulness and the calmness it provides leads to a decrease in tremor, muscle stiffness, movement slowness, problems with gait, and sleeping problems. Daniel shares his strategy to assign designated times to focus on the problems that need to be addressed. By assigning the thoughts that lead to anxiety to a specific time allows one to be free during non "office hours". Finally, Daniel and Bryan cover the news about the Food and Drug Administration's approval of Medtronic’s technologically advanced deep brain stimulation (DBS) system which is designed to more precisely target motor symptoms. Also, learn about the Silver Sneakers program designed to offer incentives for those with disabilities by providing free gym memberships. Add your experience and suggestions to the conversation in this Parkinson's podcast. If you would like to leave Daniel a voice message and you live in the U.S. call 1-706-873-1656. Email us at or visit our site — Send in a voice message:
  1. 2.9 Trek to Mindfulness
  2. 2.8 The Spree of '83
  3. 2.7 Makes Me Who I Am
  4. 2.6 Letter To The Care Partner
  5. 2.5 Trying to Communicate
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