Parkinson’s and Me Transcripts

The episodes below have been transcribed by an automated service. There are errors because of the limitations of the service to interpret audio to text. However, we have added this section for any listener that would prefer the podcast in a readable format.

Episode Seventeen: Picking Your Poison

Episode Sixteen: Who I Am Becoming

Episode Fifteen: Moving Forward

Episode Fourteen: Friendships That Change

Episode Thirteen: A Man With Parkinson’s

Episode Twelve: Parkinson’s and Faith

Episode Eleven: The Other Side

Episode Ten: Parkinson’s and Preserverence

Episode Nine: Hoping and Coping

Episode Six: Parkinson’s and Marriage

Episode Two: Why Grieve?

Episode One: Tribulation Road

2.5 Trying to Communicate Parkinson’s and Me

As Parkinson's progresses, it complicates our ability to maintain relationships with others. This arrives in the form of facial masking and voice impairments. Facial masking affects the muscles of the face, mouth, and throat that causes problems with speech and swallowing. Signs of voice impairment include others commenting that you are speaking slowly or that they cannot hear or understand you clearly. This leads to people with Parkinson's withdrawing from others which can make things worse These problems tend to increase as the disease progresses but may occur at any stage. Join Daniel as he speaks about the importance of catching these symptoms early so that we can extend the quality of facial expressivity and communicating with our voice. It's important to "flip the script" by actively pushing your voice by training or therapy. Also, learn how the muscles of our face can be manipulated to delay the masking that is common in Parkinson's. Add your experience and suggestions to the conversation in this Parkinson's podcast. If you would like to leave Daniel a voice message and you live in the U.S. call 1-706-873-1656. Email us at or visit our site — Send in a voice message:
  1. 2.5 Trying to Communicate
  2. 2.4 A Step Back
  3. 2.3 Sit a Spell
  4. 2.2 The Unbeatable Opponent
  5. 2.1 Picking Your Poison
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